How To Convert Protected Pdf To Word Online

You got a password protected pdf document by e-mail.You want to open  it but the computer you're working on doesn't have adobe pdf reader or any other pdf viewer installed.How do you open it?

There are some free online pdf readers and few easy ways to open pdf files online but they are not able to open pdf documents with a password.

One of by blog visitor named Bruce posted a comment on my blog post 4 free easy ways to open pdf files online.Here it is

"Hey, the file is password protected and is there a option to key in the password to open the contents?"

One possible solution  to Convert your portable document format file into another format like text document or word document with

Upload the file,type in the password and select the output format.Freepdfconvert converts your document into specified format inside the browser or you can enter your email address to get notified .Once it converts you can view the document on your PC .

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Nanda said...

Thank you for this article and information. after I read, I get the benefit


mymytri said...

I am glad you liked it nanda.

djsas said...


Anonymous said...

awesome trick
i think this is one of the best tweak ever....

Document Protection said...


Nice blog! There are basically two types of PDF protection the original PDF creator can either restrict opening the PDF file itself, or he can restrict others from modifying, printing or copying text and graphics from the PDF file. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Good one....but....wont the content and secret information be divulged "outside"....after all it is a "free" converter...!!!

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