Audacity - Free Audio Recorder,Mixer,Tapes to CDs Converter

 Ever wanted to convert audio tapes into digital format (CDs & DVDs) ? Looking for a free , open source ,multi language and cross platform software to record,edit or mix audio files? Try Audacity..

 Audacity is a open source audio recorder,mixer and converter.You can record sounds,add extra effects,combine  audio files ,make ringtones and convert tapes and records into digital format.

More features:
  • Record from micorphone,line input and other sources
  • Cut,copy,convert,splice and mix audio files together
  • Import and export audio files to many formats
  • Change speed and add extra effects to your music files

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Blackberry Trade in said...

I already tried this Audacity and I recommend it to everyone. It's a great software, easy to use,it has a lot of features including sound mixer. Very powerful.

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