Backup,Delete or Restore Computer(Internet) Cookies-The Easy Way:Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a free utility to manage cookies in your computer.With cookie monster you can preserve cookies you want and delete unwanted ones.As we all know cookies are small text files that are stored in user's browser(computer) by the web server or websites to store login information,preferences etc..May be some sites you don't trust or don't browse often,cookie monster lets you select & delete them with a single click.One more nice feature is you can export the preserved cookies to a preferred folder and importing wherever you want..
Features in details:

1.Allows you to select and preserve useful cookies and delete remaining ones
2. Supports Interner Explorer,Mozilla Firefox,Netscape,Opera browsers and you can view,erase,save or restore multiple browsers cookies at one location
3.Can export or import preserved cookies without loosing important cookies

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Helpguru said...

This free utility for cookie management has a huge help for people who regularly visit different websites. It could be one of the most valuable tool available online.

Shahbaz Khan said...

what if i want a utility that can recover previously deleted cookies.

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