How To Create or to Password Protect PDF File Online


Protable Document Format file is one of the widely used file format in the computer world.Many of us use these file format files regularly.Ever wanted to create a pdf fle with a password for security or convert your documents,presentations etc.. to password protected pdf  or just add a password protection to a pdf file online?If you're looking for a free web based tool  ,here's the list of some best  tools

Pdfprotect:It simply adds a password to your Adobe Pdf files.Just upload your pdf,add password and download it.

  • Add User password  protection to a pdf  file with pdfprotect:
  • Maximum File Size:50MB
  •  It can protect Google drive,Drop box files along with your computer files
  • Low level (compatiable with old readers) and High Level (Cant be opened with older readers,more secure) Protection.

Pdfescape:Nice free pdf online service with many features.Not only you can create pdf documents,you can edit,fill forms,create and save your pdf files online.Best pdf web based service i have seen so far where you can do all things at one place.
  • Can create and edit a Pdf file  with Pdfescape
  • can protect  pdf file with a user password
  • Maximum File Size :10 MB
  • Can view,share,print pdf files

k2pdf online conversion: This web service assists you in converting  files to pdf  adding password protection and send converted pdf files links to your email.You can see supported file formats here
  • Convert files to pdf adding password protection with k2pdf
  • User and Owner Password protection
  • 40 bits and 128 bits encryption 

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6 Free Online Services To Capture A Website/screen capture tools/ website screenshots / thumbnails generators


 An image is worth a thousand words.Many bloggers ,webmasters and developers use images on their blogs,websites and/or applications for better user experience. With an image they can let  visitors instantly visualize any web page before clicking. Not only that thumbnails/snapshots helps you to increase traffic,users stay longer,it will increase click through rate,better search accuracy and many more....

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Best Sites to Download Mobile Games,Free Ringtones, Wallpapers,Apps for free on mobile


 Many mobile users  often download free  mobile  ringtones,  games, themes, wallpapers, screensavers, applications, ebooks, videos ,  free sms , mobile games  etc.. on internet. Many mobile related websites now offering mobile versions of their websites. You can browse those huge collection and download anything directly on your mobile without a laptop or PC.Here's the list of those best mobile version websites to download free mobile stuff directly on your mobile ...

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Decompress or extract any type of file with Universal Extractor


Did you receive email with a compressed file (.rar, .zip  etc..) or got important documents in compressed format from others? or download  compressed files from internet ? If you're a frequent computer user and access internet ,you receive lot of compressed files.To read them you have to extract files with a good extractor.

Universal Extractor helps you to extract or decompress files from any type of archive or installation program.It is very simple,easy and convenient way of extracting files from different formats.Althrough it never replace many popular archivers (winzip,winrar,7-zip etc...) it can extract files from any type of archive ,regardless of source, file format, compression method, etc.

    •  Simple interface
    • Extracts data from any type of archivers or  installers
    • Multi language support

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      Photo Joy: Turn Photos into Wallpaper Collages,3D screensavers and PhotoToys


      If you want to see your favourite photos/pictures as 3D screensavers , wallpaper collages or desktop widgets on your pc or laptop and enjoy all your sweet memories watching on your screen, this free app is for you..

      PhotoJoy is a  freeware that offers you to display your photos in different ways on your desktop.Not only your personal photos,you can add filckr , online gallery photos  and Photojoy collections ( nice wallpaper collages,photo toys & 3d screensavers) to your computer screen

      •  Creates wallpaper collages,3d screensavers,display photos in fun ways
      •   High CPU usage.Beware on computers with less memory

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        Audacity - Free Audio Recorder,Mixer,Tapes to CDs Converter


         Ever wanted to convert audio tapes into digital format (CDs & DVDs) ? Looking for a free , open source ,multi language and cross platform software to record,edit or mix audio files? Try Audacity..

         Audacity is a open source audio recorder,mixer and converter.You can record sounds,add extra effects,combine  audio files ,make ringtones and convert tapes and records into digital format.

        More features:

        • Record from micorphone,line input and other sources
        • Cut,copy,convert,splice and mix audio files together
        • Import and export audio files to many formats
        • Change speed and add extra effects to your music files

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