Create Win XP Free Desktop Icons with photos and pictures you love

Tired of using windows XP default icons for years?Feel like creating new cool icons with photos or pictures you love? Here's our guide that will help you create icons on your own.

Creating Icon for windows is super easy.All you need to resize or compress your pictures/photos to windows icons standard size(32 x 32).There are some good services out there that will get a picture and convert it to an icon for free.My favourites are


Generates 16x16 and 32x32 pixels icons at a time in a zip file.Extract all before you use.(*We need just 32 x 32 Icon)


Supports JPEG,PNG,GIF formats.Available in many Icon sizes .Choose 32x32 and Download .ico file only.

You can use any free image editing tools like Fast Stone Image Viewer 3.4 or Irfan view Image Editor to resize your pictures or photos .Remember to add .ico while saving your icon if you use these tools..

Now Icons are ready. Let's see how to change the Icon for a folder:

Select Folder->properties->Customize->Change Icon->Browse->Icon location->OK

For My Documents,My Computer,My networl Places and Recycle bin:

Right Click on Properties->Desktop->Cusomize desktop->Change Icon->Browse->Icon

And that's it.Create as many as you want and enjoy ...

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