how to remove,hide and restore unsolicited icons from desktop in win xp

Every application we install creates an icon on the desktop .If you go on installing many applications on your PC,the icons start occupying too much space on the desktop.If you dont want to make your desktop messy you can hide the unused icons on the desktop by putting them into unused desktop folder.

Right Click on the Desktop ->Properties->Desktop ->Customize Desktop->Clean the Desktop now

All the icons shown there will be moved to unused desktop folder.If you want to keep any of the shortcut on the desktop just uncheck it.

After completing the wizard you can see unused desktop shortcuts folder on the desktop.Later if you want the icons back,you can restore it back to the desktop

Restore icon back to desktop:
Unused desktop folder->Shortcut of the desired icon -> Drag & Drop or right click->select send to desktop...

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ItsFixed said...

I like the information you have posted in your blog. It is easy to delete all these types of icons from desktop. We can check icons if they have a little arrow in the lower left corner, they're shortcuts. We can delete them freely; the original file they point to will still remain.
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