Trace or Track IP Country Isp Location Zip code of Email address

Want to trace someone by their email address?Here's is an easy way to trace where the email came from and even for the non techie guys this would be really useful .It involves two simple steps.

1.Extracting Headers:
Every email contains technical information about the origin,ip the headers.All you have to do is copy & paste mail headers in the below email tracking sites.Here's an example to obtain headers in gmail
-Login to gmail account
-Open the e-mail
-Select Show Original

and here is the list on how to extract headers in yahoo mail,rediff mail,microsoft outlook..etc

2.Tracking the sender's identity:Now we have message headers and let's see how track sender location,Isp etc.using free online email tracers
This is one of the best online tracking tools that gives you information about sender's Ip adress , Isp details,route taken by the email ,message ID and other related information and requires IE 6.0 or higher.Just copy and paste the headers here to get detailed information. Additoinally , if you get annoying messages related to email stalking,threatening can submit your complaint for further investigation here...Through email tracer tracks upto Isp level only,they take help of ISP and Law enforcement agencies to analyze mail logs and message ID when anybody submit a complaint.

Ip2location:Allows you to maximum 20 lookups per day for a non member.You can signup for free account to get 200 lookups per day.It helps you to get the information about the sender and the receiver IP address,country,region,city,latitude and longitude,zip code,timezone.ISP,domain etc..

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sunil said...

that was a nice post.. but is it possible to find the receivers IP. My fren was fooled by a guy oer net.. i want to find the guys IP...
is there any way

santosh said...

this is santosh

i want to find the IP adress of a person ,,,he is teasing me from a long time , i want to know who is he .

is it possible ?

if yes please tell me .

sriram said...

I want to find the location of the email id user. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

how to find out from what city my friend emails me from?

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