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Letter me later has come with a cool feature that your regular email program doesn't have - the ability to schedule e-mail.It means you can write emails now and have them sent at some time in future.Scheduling email is pretty simple.Goto lettermelater, sign up with your name&email ID ,click the verification mail you receive,compose the mail,set date and time you wish and then click schedule to send . That's it.Your email scheduled.When the date and time of the email arrives ,it will be automatically delivered to recipients.
Additional features:(at the time of writing)
1.Send scheduled messages directly from your email program (beta,attachments aren't currently supported). Details here
2.Send scheduled recurring emails: scheduled mail will be sent to
recipients as many times as you want
3.Reminder :Selecting this option send you a copy of scheduled email to inbox 3 days before it is delivered
4.Share emails with others :let others read your mails and read shared mails
5. Send scheduled mobile messages.Full details here
6 Manage, edit or delete scheduled(or sent) emails,if necessary
7.Supports html mail
8.Uses your original email address to create scheduled mails
9.Ability to import contacts and create group of contacts for emails that you often send to several people at once
10.Receive replies or returning mails directly in your original email program. (outlook, gmail, yahoo ,rediff,msn or whatever )
11.You can add more than one email address to one account and use any of them to send mails
12.Enter your own email address in the "bcc" (blind carbon copy) field to receive a copy of the email at the same time your recipient does

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Matthew said...

If ISPs have detected you are sending too much email or if individual recipients have reported your email as spam you may end up on one of many hundreds of individually operated black lists.

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