Free Best Pdf Online ( Web Based) Viewers

Sometimes,you may want to read / view a portable document format files on a computer that doesn't have adobe acrobat reader (or alternatives) software installed. Here're some ways to help you read pdf files in such situations.

1.Online pdf viewers- readers:Help you open pdf files from your computer and internet.

2. Gmail:Gmail has an option that lets you read pdf files inside gmail.If you receive a pdf document through gmail you can read it by clicking" view link" beside the attachment.You can use this feature to read pdf files on your pc too.Just click "compose mail" in your gmail account, upload the document you want to open and send it yourself.(Ex: If your mail id is ,send it to the same address).You will get a mail in your inbox.Open and view the pdf.It's very easy.If you want to read a pdf form internet click that link.It prompts you to save the file (if pdf reader isn't installed on the PC), save it and then upload it to your mail.

3.Google Documents:Use google documents to store and view pdf files online.It is a online documents storage service by google helps you read / save word documents,presentations,spreadsheets and pdf files.

4.Open it online: Try Open it online , a useful firefox extention to open and edit your documents inside firefox.
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Bendz said...


Wish u merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2009 ;) Advanced wishes ;)

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mymytri said...

Thanks Bendz.Wish you the same..

Palaboy said...

That's a very nice tip specially for us who dont know that much about computer hardware and stuffs about it.

Bruce said...

Hey, the file is password protected and is there a option to key in the password to open the contents?

mymytri said...
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mymytri said...
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mymytri said...

You can't open a pdf file online if it is password protected with the above sites.But there is one way.Upload your file to .You have an option to enter the password if it is password protected.Convert it to word etc.. to view the document.

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