Recover and Restore Lost Firefox Bookmarks With a Simple Trick

Recover and Restore lost firefox bookmarks:I have lost all of my firefox bookmarks(firefox 2.0) and found !!!My Pc was improperly shutdown yesterday due to power failure.Today morning when I opened mozilla firefox , I discovered all my bookmarks were missing.. After some search I found my bookmarks saved here…

(You should enable show hidden files option to see)
C:/Documents and Settings/user name/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/profiles/z58ev2bl.default/bookmarksbackups

Then to restore the bookmarks I have used a simple trick: Open Firefox window->Bookmarks->Organize Bookmarks->File->Import->From file->My computer-> C:/->Documents and Settings->User name->Application Data->Mozilla->Firefox->profiles->z58ev2bl.default->bookmarkbackups

Replace “user name” with your username and “z58ev2bl.default “ with your profile name if you have

Select recent saved bookmarks from the list of bookmarks shown .That’s it.All your bookmarks restored to your browser window…
[Want to create firefox bookmarks backup?Read our post on 4 ways to create backup your firefox bookmarks ]

NOTE :Chances there to loss the bookmarks saved on the day you lost your bookmarks.Try previous day backup if it doesn’t show any bookmarks .

Update:You can also try bookmarks html file in your profile to restore lost bookmarks

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StorageCraft said...

I have heard a lot many methods to recover the data from the Firefox but no one worked properly. But when i tried his one i actually found that i was able to do it.

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